Wednesday, 4 May 2016

20 fact about me !

:i: haneul ishika is my social network offical name..real name? emoticon20 its secret :keke: pisce zodiac
:i: i born in 1990..and i in era 90's kids i love pastel colour and red.
:i: obsess with cat...emoticon56 i speak malay, english and a littel big mandarin (only a basic)
:i:interest with korean skin care, makeup, kdrama & music i have alergic with dust, people who not honest, and so on that u think will give -ve impact in yourlife
:i: i more prefer shoos than high heel..fav brand is CONVERS my iphone and internet : important gadget for me
:i: dream and planning to adventure backpacker i love shopping 
:i: food hunter singer  at bedroom and bathroom 
:i: i have beautiful family and friends in my life i quite shy for the firs time but be hyper after u know me and sometime i easy to get BLURR  
:i: i love to be different from others weird, energetic, hyper, boyish, casual its me !
:i: oh yup :!: i wearing glasses if you play my heart, you will black list in my life

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